Find your belongings with a click

Just one click on your smartphone and you lost belongings are found 

We have all tried to lose our keys, wallet or girlfriend. With a Bluetooth keyfinder, you can easily find your stuff again. Just 1click on your smartphone and your Keyfinder will give your phone a ring.

The Keyfinder talks with your phone through Bluetooth and will let you know if it’s stolen or lost

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What can it do?

The keyfinder can find your lost belongings – just attach the Keyfinder to the things that you don’t want to lose.

Once your Keys or Wallet have gone missing, you can use the App on your smartphone to find it.

Put it on your important items

It’s easy to put the keyfinder on the things that you don’t want to loose

Just one click in the App

Download an App for your smartphone, and with one click your can find all things attached to the Keyfinder

NUT Keyfinder – the best on the market for the price.

Innovation at it’s best 

Nut keyfinder comes in a sleak design and with a smooth and easy App. This is the best Keyfinder in the low pricerange.

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